"If it sounds good, it is good"

–Duke Ellington


Pianokraft Presents: Jean Alexis Smith

In “Pianokraft Presents: Jean Alexis Smith”, viewers have the opportunity to explore Jean’s approach to music making, hear her thoughts on the music of Chopin, and watch performances of several Chopin Nocturnes.



The art of transcription is a very old and time honored craft, dating as far back as the Middle Ages when vocal compositions were often transcribed for the pipe organ and lute. During the subsequent Baroque period, this practice became even more widespread, culminating with works of Johann Sebastian Bach, who is acknowledged today as perhaps the greatest keyboard transcriber in history. Over half of his transcriptions were based either on his own pre-existing compositions or adapted from the works of others.


Bach in Transcription Trailer, Video by Ryan Cockerham


Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Story

"Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Story" is a 60 minute documentary that was written, produced and directed by pianist Donna S. Klein. This award winning documentary features seven performances by Jean Alexis Smith.

Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Story is the compelling story of an American woman who was a true musical progressive, an achiever, and an innovator. She was at the very center of a fascinating American music era that to this day still embodies the stamp of her many contributions to the world of music. Her legacy continues today through her students and grand students.


Official Trailer for “Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Story”