21 Nocturnes


—  Frederic Chopin: The 21 Nocturnes  —

With her 3rd recording, Jean performs the Chopin Nocturnes Complete on 2 CDs. No. 20 and No. 21 are  also included. The nocturnes were recorded on a Steinway D at Le Petit Trianon Theatre in San Jose, CA. 




When I was at home working in the evening, my mother loved to go to sleep listening to me practice Chopin. In the last years of my mother’s life, I promised to make a CD of Chopin dedicated to her for her 90th birthday. Sadly she didn’t quite make it there, but that last year I took my Yamaha electronic keyboard down to southern California to her retirement center and worked by her bed on the nocturnes. She loved it, and I think my interpretation was largely affected by those circumstances. 

I questioned the quality of life (was life worth living to see a branch outside your window moving in the breeze?), and I came to realize that for her, it was the anticipation of seeing a child or grandchild coming through her door. Even with the pain, she‘d position herself in her bed so she could get that first glance of a loved one. She lived totally for love.