Jean's playing harks back to the "Golden Age" of pianism, when total musical commitment, individuality of personal expression, and a beautifully produced sound were considered the most important objectives a pianist should strive for.

Jean has always been fond of this quote from the great cellist, Pablo Casals:

"Willing or not, the performer is an interpreter and can only render the work through his own self. Sometimes, looking at a score, I say to myself, 'what marvelous music. But I must make it so'. What is necessary is to bring to life what is written, to infuse life, instead of avoiding it with timidity.

"How can we expect to produce a vital performance if we don't re-create the work every time? Each year the leaves of trees reappear with the spring, but they are different every time. We can never exhaust the multiplicity of nuances and subtleties which make the charm of music."